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This is Hausmart's core marketing package which offers your listing unparalleled exposure to the public utilizing the most-up-to date marketing tools and initiatives. For less than the price of one newspaper advertisement, agents can now offer a comprehensive marketing program that:

Hausmart Internet and Social Media Package
  • Provides personalized branded marketing brochures for your listing presentation explaining the marketing program
  • Runs for the length of the listing contract and is constantly updated to stay current so your vendor has no need to request additional advertising
  • Offers maximum quality exposure to a property listing through domestic and international online presence and social media networks

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Designated Web Address, Custom Landing Page, and a professional Google Adword and Facebook Campaign

The heart of your marketing plan and designed to generate leads it is crucial to leverage your existing listing to generate new business. This program offers maximum visibility for your existing listing and positions you for lead capture at the same time.

A unique home address is registered as a site and search engine optimized to facilitate search activity so that the listing is found easily through any search engine. Hausmart designs a custom landing page which includes agent contact information and displays select photographs, home details, agent contact information, and multiple "calls to action" so buyers and prospects can contact you either using their mobile device or desktop. This page is designed for lead capture.

For maximum visibility we run a custom Google PPC Adword campaign targeted at specific buyers and a custom PPC Facebook campaign targeted at a specific demographic both of which generates thousands of impressions and brings buyers to your listing as well as generating new buyer and seller leads. Hosted for one year, once the property is Sold the site is updated to reflect Sold status and continues to advertise the agent for the remainder of the 12 months.

Pre-MLS® Listing Option

Use this for all your listings. This might be one of the most significant and unique marketing options you can offer a home seller in a listing presentation. It just might make the difference as to whether you land the listing. The ability to post and fully advertise your listing prior to MLS® activation has many advantages:

  • Minimal costs for advertising the listing prior to the contract commencement date on MLS® so no additional advertising dollars are wasted even though the listing is initially exclusive.
  • Numbers of buyers and agents visiting our website or are following us on Facebook or Twitter are increasing daily, specifically looking for suitable listings prior to their scheduled listing on MLS®.
  • Listing Pre-MLS® increases buzz around the listing before it comes on MLS® and allows agents to corral interested buyers (something not possible on MLS®) increasing the chances of multiple offers.
  • Pre-MLS® applies pressure to buyers to act prior to MLS® activation.
  • A greater chance of getting a direct buyer so if the agent is going to reduce commissions for double-ending, this can be a huge benefit to the vendor and gives the agent an advantage in landing the listing.
  • If work needs to be done or the vendor wants to delay listing, it gives a compelling reason for signing paperwork and securing a contract (exclusive) on the spot as opposed to going back to the vendor later. The ending time of the exclusive coincides with the start of the MLS® contract so two contracts should be signed at the same time, including the post-dated MLS® contract.

Internet Listing on and Agent Profile

  • Hausmart chooses not to operate off a MLS® listing feed so we are only featuring your listing and other Hausmart client’s listings to visitors. This is preferable to driving buyers to a site where your listing is lost and in competition with all listings in your city. Hausmart is search engine optimized in Canada, and supported by advertising in the newspapers, internet linkages, social media initiatives, and Pre-MLS® promotion so Hausmart listings do receive significant traffic and viewings.
  • Hausmart invests in foreign search optimization, meaning it is search engine optimized for countries that have a high immigration policy to Canada so in countries like China, Pakistan, and India and the Phillipines (where many newcomers prepare to come to Canada), Hausmart will come up high in foreign search engines.
  • Hausmart is attractive to buyers and agents because of Pre-MLS® listings and no public upload delay typical of
  • Ability to display 30 photographs to better showcase listings.
  • Unlike most other sites, prospective buyers do NOT have to register to view homes for sale on so buyers are not discouraged to visit the site and make inquiries.

Kijiji Hausmart

Kijiji Hausmart
  • Kijiji is a highly visited classified site and visitors look for Hausmart listings. Listings drop in viewership quickly so Hausmart continues to repost your Kijiji ad to the top of searches each week to best ensure new viewers find your listing.

Craigslist Hausmart

CraigsList Hausmart
  • Craigslist is a very popular classified Internet site that not only advertises to local communities but has a high number of international visitors which is particularly important for Canadian real estate listings because of Canada's high immigration rate and substantial foreign investment in Canada's real estate market.
  • Hausmart reposts as often as permitted during the life of your listing.

Hausmart Selected Websites

  • is one of the most visited international real estate portals and network of property websites where potential buyers and renters can search among thousands of up to date property listings from all over the world. has top rankings in search engines for many real estate and property related keywords and features over 80,000 international real estate listings.

Social Media

Facebook Hausmart and Agent Profile

Facebook Hausmart
  • Facebook is a top social media site and shows up in the top five in engine searches AND Hausmart's Facebook page offers buyers the option of reviewing daily new listings including Pre-MLS® listings, as they are listed on the wall with no upload delays.
  • Buyers can choose to join us on our Facebook fan page and receive daily email notifications on open house dates and new and Pre MLS® listings.

Twitter Hausmart

Twitter Hausmart
  • Hausmart has a branded custom Twitter page for those that need information as it happens. We utilize a successful social media marketing program by allocating specific resources and time to build relationships, provide valuable information that our audience wants, monitor conversations to stay on the forefront of what clients are talking about, and respond to their needs accordingly.
  • Hausmart will continue to build followers as it promotes following Hausmart as “the site” for buyers and agents to visit in order to view Pre-MLS® listings.
  • Hausmart will continue to build followers as it promotes following Hausmart as "the site" for buyers and agents to visit in order to view Pre-MLS® listings.

Marketing Package Lead Generation

Buyer Lead Generation

  • A buyer's whiteboard allows Hausmart agents access to buyers who do not have agent representation but have interest in a certain type of property. Furthermore, if you have a listing that meets our buyer's criteria, they will be forwarded your listing.
  • All agents using may have their profile displayed under our Agent Profile section, along with any testimonials, so direct buyers and sellers can review your biography and contact you if they wish to buy or sell a home.
  • The buyer section on the Hausmart site features the ability for an individual with no agent to sign up for tours in specific geographical areas hosted by Hausmart agents and tailored to specific properties such as distressed properties or properties hosting an open house.
  • Links to our social media sites function and interact together, offering the public several options including immediate updates on your new listing, at the same time as an agent does. This unique advantage is also promoted in Hausmart's print media to encourage followers. Hausmart will tweet updates about our listings to perspective buyers as soon as the information is available.
  • Direct Buyers and Agents can be tweeted with information such as Pre-MLS® and new listings, price reductions, open houses, statue changes, and even offer presentation times on any of your listings.

Seller Lead Generation

  • Through extensive exposure of the listing and the associated listing agent, Hausmart dramatically increases an agent's profile and the opportunity for the agent to gain new buyer and seller leads.
  • Our continuously growing social network allows individuals continual access to an agent's activity and to easily contact Hausmart agents regarding properties for sale or for a home evaluation in the event they are considering selling their home
  • An agent profile is featured both on the Hausmart site and on our Hausmart Facebook page along with the agent's testimonials, further increasing a Hausmart agent's exposure to the public and the likelihood of new lead generation.


Agent Marketing Integration

  • Hausmart seamlessly integrates your existing marketing initiatives, including your website, linked profile, and Facebook and Twitter pages, with the Hausmart organization by linking your profile and Hausmart listings to further increase your profile and help you leverage your existing marketing efforts.
  • Additionally, Hausmart will cross-promote your Twitter feed by posting your individual listings, retweeting you, and/or tweeting listings on your behalf.

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