photography, virtual tour & feature sheets

Includes the full internet and social media package plus photography, virtual tour, design, production and delivery of designer feature sheets.

Professional Real Estate Photography
(Arranged 24 hours of signed listing agreement)

Internet Social Media Package Plus
  • Hausmart photographers are professionals with extensive experience and expertise in lighting techniques and room perspectives and utilize professional equipment, lighting, and the proper techniques unique to photographing real estate.
  • High-resolution photographs
  • A minimum of 30 high-quality images and two sets of optimized images for both web and print for the MLS listing and on
  • Photographers are professional, personable and present themselves well.

Virtual Tour

  • Linked to social network and all marketing initiatives.
  • Includes a 360 degree panorama, music, and an individual URL that is search engine optimized.
  • Displays listing details and all agent contact information.
  • Utilizes the most advanced stitching software to best ensure little or no distortion.
  • Mobile tour on multiple smart phones.
  • Weekly/monthly graphical statistics in your marketing report included specific resources information that our audience wants, monitor conversations to stay on the forefront of what clients are talking about, and respond to their needs accordingly.
  • Option for video conversion for youtube posting

Full Colour Four Panel Feature Sheets
(Delivered to your listing address or your office)

  • In real estate, the feature sheets are one of the few examples of advertising your client can hold and what you produce can have a significant effect on your prospect/client's impression of your professionalism, and a possible buyer's impression of the home.
  • Semi gloss, 100 lb four panel feature sheets provide four full pages of high-resolution photographs and important property information
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